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VPG Dissertation Contest Winner 2013

The 2013 IEEE VGTC Visualization Pioneers Group (VPG) Best Dissertation Award was given to Dr. Alex Endert of Virginia Tech. Dr. Zhicheng Liu of Georgia Tech was awarded an Honorable Mention. The contest results were announced at the VPG reception on Oct 14 in front of over 50 members and guests at the IEEE VIS conference held in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Endert is currently a research scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA. Dr. Chi is a research scientist at Adobe Research in San Francisco, CA. VPG congratulates Alex Endert, the winner of the 2013 contest.
Pak Chung, VPG Cochair (2013)

VPG Contest Finalists Announcement 2013

IEEE Visualization Pioneers Group (VPG) received 11 best dissertation contest submissions from US, Canada, Europe, and Asia back in July 2013. Working together with IEEE VGTC, VPG invited panelists from US, Canada, and Europe to participate in the dissertation review process. As in most review processes, panel membership is anonymous. Panelists’ background interests and experience cover SciVis, InfoVis, and Visual Analytics, with three members from academia, one from industrial R&D, and one from industry. The panel adopted a conflict of interest policy similar to that of the US National Science Foundation. The panel chair presented the recommendations to the chair of IEEE VGTC on October 1, 2013. The panel identified four finalists and from these chose the best, and awarded an honorable mention as well. The four finalists of the 2013 contest are (in alphabetical order of the student last name):
1. Jaegul Choo, Georgia Institute of Technology, advisor: Hansun Park
2. Alexander Endert, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, advisor: Chris North
3. Tiago Etiene, University of Utah, advisor: Claudio Silva
4. Zhicheng Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology, advisor: John Stasko
The winner of the contest, and the honorable mention award will be announced at the VPG reception held on Monday, October 14 at IEEE VIS 2013.
Pak Chung, VPG Cochair (2013)

IEEE Charles Babbage Award: Chris Johnson

Our very own Chris Johnson has been just awarded the IEEE Charles Babbage Award, "in recognition of his innovations in the area of scientific visualization and their application to computational biomedicine, engineering, and scientific discovery." Chris is the first visualization person to receive this IEEE award and with this he joins the ranks of eminent computer scientists including Tim-Berners Lee, Jim Gray, Jack Dongarra, Michael Rabin, and Michel Cosnard, who have been the past recipients of this award.

All of us in VGTC have long appreciated and applauded the outstanding visualization research that Chris has done with a significant impact in medicine, science, and engineering and it is time that the broader computing field is beginning to see Chris as the role model that he is. I am very proud to note that VGTC has celebrated his lifetime contributions and impact in visualization through the VGTC Career Award in 2010. 

Please join me in heartily congratulating Chris on this fine distinction! 

Amitabh Varshney, VGTC Chair (2008-2012)

New IEEE Fellows in the VGTC Community

Congratulations goes out to Chuck Hansen, Ben Shneiderman, Kwan-Liu Ma, Ming Lin, and Dinesh Manocha on the recent recognition of ground breaking work in visualization, VR, and graphics by being elevated to the IEEE Fellow rank. Their elevation to the IEEE Fellow rank is a source of terrific pride and inspiration for our entire visualization and graphics community.

Having outstanding thought leaders like them being recognized and feted at a major IEEE conference is inspiring and energizing for the entire community.

Amitabh Varshney, VGTC Chair (2008-2012)